Call Control celebrates over 1,000,000 VoIP calls in 1 month

CallControl, part of Infinity IT Success group founded in Bangkok in 1993 has been pioneering hosted VoIP and PBX solutions in Thailand for over two years. After rigorous testing, CallControl launched their VoIP for business solution in 2015.

By leveraging their expertise in software development, network management, exceptional customer service and hiring the best and the brightest staff, they have since risen to become one of the leading VoIP and PBX providers in Thailand and now process over 1 million calls every month.

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You rang for PR M’Lord?

The Residences at St Regis Hotel take city living into a whole new paradigm. The 53 Residences, with a starting price of over 70 million baht, sit atop the St Regis hotel and offer spectacular views of the metropolis of Bangkok.

Spark was entrusted to create a PR strategy to launch the first branded residences in Bangkok and the resulting media relations platform backed with three creatively-themed launch parties designed to highlight the elegance and opulence on offer to the discerning elite.

More than half the Residences have already been sold and with the recent opening of the St Regis Hotel, which further emphasizes the unique benefits of the project, expectations are for the project to be fully sold out in the very near future.

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Seven steps to SPARK your PR strategy

Answering the following seven steps will help ‘spark’ an effective PR strategy that delivers both quantitative and qualitative results.

Step One: define your goals and objectives
What is your desired end result? Are you trying to sell more product, increase market share,persuade a specific target audience to act, increase membership etc?

Step Two: Consider the environment
What factors (economic, social, regulatory, political, competitive) are likely to affect your business? Identify the competition – direct and indirect. Identify your single most important point of differentiation.

Step Three: Determine you audience(s)
Who do you need to reach and what do you need to know about them that ultimately will help to influence their thoughts or actions?

Step Four: Identify your key messages and how best to deliver them
What messages will have most effect in getting your audience(s) to respond? Which channels will best reach your audience(s): TV, Newspaper, seminars, Internet, tradeshows, brochures etc.?

Step Five: Consider timing
The timing of any PR effort will be critical. Consider when your audience(s) will be most open to your messages or offer, and when you want or need them to react.

Step Six: What will success look like?
How will you measure the impact of your PR efforts? Are your objectives and expectations realistic, achievable, and measurable? Does your budget and timeline support your goals?

Step Seven: Next steps
Working with your team, Spark Communications can guide you through your first six steps, and prepare a strategic communications plan of action, customised for the Thai market.

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Spark Heralds in the A380

The launch of the new Emirates A380 in Bangkok garnered huge attention. The massive aircraft not only dominated the skies but also the media for several weeks following Spark’s launch event.

On behalf of Emirates, Spark worked with the Ministry of Transportation, Airports Authority of Thailand and the Tourism Authority ofThailand to ensure the launch went according to plan and the aircraft’s unique facilities have been a huge hit with Thai travelers.

With more than 100 media at the event and Spark organising several follow on media trips for media to fully immerse themselves in the cutting-edge facilities of the aircraft, Emirates enjoys a solid media relations platform and huge awareness in the Thai market.

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Lenovo has been enjoying a phenomenal run globally, outpacing overall industry growth for eight straight quarters and has been the fastest growing of the top 5 PC makers for six straight quarters. The Emerging Markets Group, of which ASEAN and Thailand are a part of, has enjoyed similar success.

The power brand campaign “Are you Lenovo?” was an integrated marketing and communications campaign designed to raise Lenovo’s brand awareness, consideration and preference in Thailand. All aspects of the campaign were successful, with dramatic results achieved on the PR front. This campaign was pivotal in raising Lenovo’s brand profile, and helping the company close its financial year with record sales, and a record high market share in Thailand.

Its iconic ‘Think’ business products have been at the forefront of technology development for almost 20 years.  The brand wanted to raise brand awareness in Thailand and connect with younger Thai consumers through a multi-faceted brand campaign comprising public relations, consumer activation, social media and advertising.

Spark designed a series of events throughout the country that received coverage in print, broadcast and online, engaging with the media and the public throughout and enhancing the brand experience through interactive activities that told the brand story and highlighted product features.

The ‘Are you Lenovo?’ campaign achieved PR and business objectives including the following results:

  • Attendance: 125 media from 107 unique publications across 3 Thai cities, media included a good mix of tier one dailies, broadcast and online titles.

  • Within the first 48 hours of the “Are you Lenovo?” launch, 28 pieces of coverage were generated in the tier one dailies, broadcast and online media in Bangkok.

  • A total of 73 pieces of print coverage from 44 distinct publications with a total of 10.68 million impressions were generated across the campaign period. A further 29 different websites carried campaign news, many of them repeatedly.

  • Media coverage over the period increased by 134% year-on-year and, as a result of the brand campaign activities, Lenovo broadened its reach and engagement with new media segments such as lifestyle and teens, with almost 50% of the coverage coming from the consumer segment. Over 120 media outlets were engaged during the campaign. Almost 50% of the clips covered the consumer segment.

  • Lenovo Thailand experienced a significant increase in consumer PC unit sales in the quarter following the brand campaign, and increased its market share in the consumer segment during same time period.

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